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I started Crossfit over 4 years ago and my wife, Ellen, started a few months later. Before CrossFit, I only ran to keep in shape, but I had no core strength and I periodically had back problems. Not only have my back problems disappeared, I have also been eating much better since joining CrossFit. As most Crossfitters know … it’s no fun doing a Workout of the Day (WOD) after eating junk the day before. I have eliminated bread and pasta from my diet, which combined with CrossFit, has given me more energy throughout the whole day.

Then there’s the community part of it. There’s always someone there encouraging you to push through the last round or two of a workout. CrossFit gyms are very welcoming. I’ve worked out at Crossfit affiliate gyms in Summerside, Moncton, Halifax, Las Vegas and Hawaii and its the same wherever you go.

Finally, we see benefits for our whole family. Ellen and I often compare notes at the end of the day and help push each other out the door to CrossFit at 5:30 am. We have 3 young children and the varied class schedule allows us to take turns going to CrossFit. It gives us more energy and is setting a positive example for our kids about the importance of exercise and eating well.

Gerry Lawless
CEO, iWave

As a Police Officer I believe there is a strong correlation between fitness and my work. In November of 2006 a co-worker turned me on to CrossFit. As with thousands before and after me I was instantly hooked. I spent the next 4 years picking and choosing the workouts I wanted from the website along with various other affiliate sites. During this time I molded myself into the best shape of my life. The only problem was that I was not adhering to CrossFit in its truest form. I focused on body weight movements and long met-cons with close to no emphasis on strength. I was nowhere close to being proficient in all the 10 principles of fitness and my workouts were random instead of constantly varied. I had a very good capacity but I was overtraining and my body was breaking down.

In December of 2010 my wife convinced me to take the fundamentals class at CrossFit PEI with her. I was aware of CF PEI when it opened but never ventured in at the time as I preferred training alone and the gym at work is free. I knew the instant I walked through the door that I was home. By the end of the first class I regretted not showing up the day it opened.

I have all the respect for the garage CrossFiter but I firmly believe that the amount of people in this world who can self instruct is a very low percentage. For most of us, myself included, having qualified instructors coaching and mentoring you is an invaluable resource and saves a lot of mental and physical pain in the long run.

Fortunately, the coaching staff at CF PEI is in my opinion the best kept secret in the region if not the country. They are a diverse, highly knowledgeable, motivating team who are passionate about seeing you achieve your fitness goals. Even with access to a free gym at work and a fair amount of personal equipment the money spent to attend CF PEI is well worth it. I have no interest in training alone anymore and feel blessed to have met and befriended my extended CrossFit family.

Thanks to all the staff and members, Mike C.

Mike Chaloner
Officer, Charlottetown Police Department


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