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Paleo Challenge

We stole a few minutes after yesterdays group workout to announce the “results” of CFPEI’s paleo challenge. Over 40 registered and we had a total inches lost of approaching 85″!!!

Great to have the support of everyone around the gym talking about this for the month, sharing recipes, where to buy the best meat and vegetables, etc.!

While losing inches was most everybody’s goal, we had some fellas who wanted to put on mass that were successful with that as well.

I did not lose one inch, but I am more than ok with that, I was able to get about 8 PR’s in the last few weeks and have been sleeping very well and am feeling great.

We will continue on with the measurements at the end of the month for those that are intersted in that. Otherwise, watch for some informational sessions on nutrition coming up.

Household who adopted the paleo lifestyle and achieved their targets
Jason and Suzanne Lee
Rob and Candace McAdam

Biggest percentage change
F – Anne Ives
M – tie
Ralph Lea
Joey Mokler

Biggest improvement in benchmark WOD time
Jaymee Chung

Achieved goal of adding mass/muscle
Steve “Bam Bam” Bishop

Overall performance and inches lost

M – 3rd – Chris Foley
2nd – Marshall Thompsen
1st – Ross Wheatley

F – 3rd – Beth Johnston
2nd – Laura Campbell
1st – Angie Cassibo

We also had some fun draw prizes and have approx $60 left that will be donated to the food bank in the next day or two (Great idea from Coach Joey)

Thanks to Sarah and Joey for helping to organize this and for putting on a fantastic information session, measuring, answering questions, etc. Also to Dave and Mike for helping us decipher the results and letting us run with this.

Hope you will continue on with your positive nutrition changes and hope you were able to have some fun throughout the challenge:)

Time for the measuring tape

If you can believe it, September is almost behind us. Time to dig out those goals sheets from the start of our Nutrition Challenge and see how we measure up! Cheryl and I will be around the gym this Saturday morning (Sept. 30) to take measurements, etc. If you can’t make it Saturday, let us know. We’ll probably be able to accommodate other times as needed, such as Tuesday evening class.

The big question – who’s sticking with the clean eating from now on? A few more flex meals perhaps? Right back to pre-challenge?

Getting over the hump…

Well, we’ve made it over the half-way point. Well done! I may as well ‘fess up that while I write this post, I am also enjoying a small dish of ‘paleo ice cream’ (coconut cream + frozen blueberries + mini food processor). This is less of a treat and more simply something to do with tonight’s leftover coconut cream from dinner.

How are you feeling so far? Anyone hit a wall?
Benefits being realized? PR’s?
Issues? Challenges?
Getting enough veggies to keep things *ahem* running smoothly?
Sleeping well?
Good recipes to share?

Here you’ll find some great food inspiration:
And here you’ll find great food porn:

Recipes from Sept. 8 Nutrition Session

Thanks so all who came out for the Nutrition Session yesterday! As promised, here are the recipes for the chicken salad and muffins:

Reminder: Nutrition Session 9 a.m. Saturday

A quick reminder of the Nutrition Session tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. We’ll be in the classroom across the hall from the gym, so feel free to get your 8 a.m. WOD on and c’mon by. Bring your questions, your ideas, and your general awesomeness.

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