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Masters Qualifiers

carolThere is that fighting face:)

First of all, I won’t pretend to come close to the bang up job of recap posts that Mike C is capable of. But Carol sent me a message (in quotes below) that I felt the need to put in context.

“A hugh congratulations to Mike I. on a very impressive finish of the first Master’s Qualifier. I am truly impressed with how Mike balances everything in his life and can maintain his level of training. As for myself, I would like to thank everyone for their time, support and encouragement. I am truly touched that on Easter weekend Cheryl, Cindy, Heather and Mary Lynn would make themselves available to support and judge me . I learned a lot through this experience. As always Dave is right. We must be our own judge during wod’s. My goal now is to try to forget the clock and work on proper technique. Must work on my HSPU’s and C2B. I was determined to finish the HSPU Wod with many, many no reps. Either not proper depth or feet away from the wall. What kept me going was knowing that the female coming into this weekend in second spot had a time of 1:57:49 in this WOD and she made it in the top 20. I really didn’t allow enough recovery time to tackle the C2B’s even though Mary Lynn was convinced she could get me through them. Good luck to everyone competing in the Spring Fling.”

Congratulations to both Mike and Carol for getting through some very tough Master’s qualifier workouts this holiday weekend.

Mike finished 180th in the open and improved his standing to 121st. Carol was 55th in the open and ended up 43th.

Workouts were no joke
A untimed max clean, Amanda (muscle ups/chest to bar pullups and squat snatches), high rep pullups and wall balls, a taxing row, handstand pushup and double under wod.

Mike showed great consistency ringing in 116th, 90th, 106th and 94th in each of the qualifier positions. Exactly what crossfit is testing. Also had at least 2 PR’s that I know of.

Carol is terribly hard on herself as you can read between the lines above. First of all, it is important to note, of the 200 top open finishers in her age category, only 37 women in this age class completed all 4 qualifier workouts. Carol completed 3 of the 4 finishing 33rd, 46th and 49th. She dug in hard and fought off some “i cant do it demons”. I watched her complete a big set of pullups, blood dripping from her hand and running over to tackle the wall balls. There is no shame in your effort Carol:)

CFPEI is very proud of our awesome masters regional qualifier athletes in Mike and Carol. No trips to California this year, but the effort put forth by both leads me to think I just might be spectating and cheering for a CPFEI athlete in California again soon. Congratulations!!

Weekend Schedule Changes

Hey everyone,

We are going to still have classes on Friday one at 9:00 and another at 10:00. These classes will be at Enman.

Saturday all classes will be at Pownal since there is a Taekwondo tournament going on that day at Enman. The class times are the same (7:30, 8:30 and 10:00 with Teens at 9:15). There will also be a Fundamentals group starting at 11:00. Please sign up using the online schedule for the class times that fit you best.

Sunday noon will be going as normal as will the Monday classes.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks in advance for your understanding.


Calling all CFPEI gals…tank top ordering for time:)

Hi Ladies

We are rushing to put in a tank top order today and are trying to get a feel of how many to order and sizes. Many of you have replied via facebook to our inquiry but if you could post to comments if you are interested and your size by noon today, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hey, we do alot for time at crossfit, why not this?:) If you have indicated your interest and size through facebook, no need to repost, we just want to be sure everyone gets a chance to see this.

Tanks will be black with the CFPEI logo in grey and red with a racer back. Final price being determined but somewhere between $20 and no more than $25.

please post asap as we hope to get the order in today

thanks ladies! 3-2-1-go!

Save the Date

Just a heads up to anyone interested in competing in the 2014 edition of CrossFit XClusive’s  Battle of the North. The event date is set for August 23rd – 24th in Beresford NB.

Registration is NOT open yet and no details have been released yet other than the dates. A well run event last year and a great venue with both outdoor and indoor events. Our very own CPayne stood atop the Womens Masters podium last year taking home a cash prize and forever giving up her amateur status.

I’ll post more as it becomes available.

* Not a whole lot released for the summer circuit yet but some others to think about would be the Atlantic Hopper Event hosted by CrossFit Moncton in late July.

Fundy CrossFit is hosting a fundraising event, WOD for Wishes, on June 14th.

Friday Night Class

Now that the Open is over, we are going to go back to a 5:30 to 6:30 class time for Friday night. We will monitor the numbers over the next couple of weeks to see if a second class at that time is needed.

Please let us know if you have any questions.



Final Recap

What WOD do you hate so much that you would actually pick 14.5 over it if given a choice between the two of them? I would like to know because that would be one WOD I would never attempt! I actually thought this was worse than Murph. If you’ve ever done Murph Rx’d you know how bad that makes 14.5. All that being said, I really liked the task oriented WOD for a change instead of another AMRAP. Between that and the Rower last week it really opens up the possibilities for next year. Sadly enough, this one had all the makings of a repeat in the coming years. Yuck. I bet this one set the record on least amount of 2nd attempts. Hmmm, I wonder if Fran will seem easy now? And just to make sure, did anyone actually enjoy this one?


Top Three Male Scores:

  1. Mike C – 14:20 (faster and older than Kevin and Nigel)
  2. Bish – 14:42 (faster and older than Kevin and Nigel)
  3. Greg An – 16:14 (faster and older than Kevin and Nigel)

Top Three Female Scores:

  1. Corena – 15:06 (faster and older than Kevin and Nigel)
  2. Kelly G – 15:21 (faster and older than Kevin and Nigel)
  3. Leanne – 17:02 (faster than Nigel, Yay Kevin)

I heard there were some inspirational performances on this one. I was told Robert and Beth really slugged it out with some great coaching from Cheryl. Someone forgot to tell Corena that the Burpees are supposed to be the part that slow you down. Not wanting to see Slow Joey play with by himself, MLK jumped in on a whim and did it with him Thursday night during the release show and put up what “would have been” the fastest female time in the gym, “if she would have signed up” (see what I did there, peer pressure). To anyone who was in the 30 minute plus club, to you I say pat yourself on the back. Honestly, to do those two movements for that long and not quit is a testament to your will power. Lastly it was impressive to see Mike I , knowing a shot to advance to the  next round of Masters was on the line, hit this a second time in less than 48hrs and get the job done.

On that note, congratulations to both Mike I and Carol on finishing in the top 200 worldwide in their respective age divisions and advancing to the next round. If they accept, they will be given 4 more WODs to do between April 17th-21st in an attempt to finish in the 20 in the world and be invited to the CrossFit Games. Carol finished 55th by putting up very consistent finishes every week. Mike dropped in at 180th and as I mentioned above, he did it in dramatic fashion on his re-attempt at 14.5 on Sunday. Everyone loves a buzzer beater. Technically, the standings aren’t final for another 24 hours, but I’m confidant that their won’t be any drastic moves before then and neither of their scores have moved in the last 24 hours anyways (yes I know, I leaderboard to much). Great job and good luck to both of you.

Now I get to geek out.

I like to play with the leaderboards to put things in perspective. I know I’m never going to be on the first page of my regional leaderboard, let alone the worldwide one. So what I like to do is make the world a little smaller and make realistic comparisons to measure myself against people not named Rich Froning. So in an attempt to give a shout out to as many people as I can, here we go:

The 2014 CrossFit Open

Crossfit PEI only:

Top five Men -

  1. Steven Bishop
  2. Michael Chaloner
  3. Nigel MacDonald
  4. Mike Ives
  5. Greg Anthony

Top five Women -

  1. Kelly Gillis
  2. Corena Hughes
  3. Cheryl Paynter
  4. Leanne Callahan
  5. Carol Craswell & Charla Currie (Tie)

Top ten Mixed -

  1. Steven Bishop
  2. Michael Chaloner
  3. Nigel MacDonald
  4. Mike Ives
  5. Greg Anthony
  6. Kevin Douillette
  7. Kelly Gillis
  8. Joseph Mokler
  9. Rob Lantz
  10. Dave Hyndman

* I put this in for a specific reason. If this was Sesame  Street we’d say one of these things doesn’t belong here. I’ve playfully teased the 20 something boys to catch the 38 plus men over the last 5 weeks. Now I’m challenging all the ladies to add some names or top the list for 2015 (and no you can’t fly Megan home for the Open).

Province of PEI only:

Top five Men:

  1. Steven Bishop
  2. Jeff MacRae (CFSS)
  3. James Tremere (Court 6 CF)
  4. Michael Chaloner
  5. Todd MacDougall (CFSS)

Top five Women:

  1. Lacey Doiron (CFSS)
  2. Kim Perry (CFSS)
  3. Anne MacLaurin (CFSS)
  4. Kelly Gillis & Amy Connolly (CFSS)
  5. Sara McKenna (CFSS)

Top ten Mixed:

  1. Steven Bishop
  2. James Tremere & Lacey Doiron
  3. Jeff MacRae
  4. Kim Perry
  5. Michael Chaloner
  6. Todd MacDougall
  7. Anne MacLaurin
  8. Nigel MacDonald & Marcel Petitpas (C6CF)
  9. Mike Ives
  10. Greg Anthony

So what have we learned over the past five weeks?

A) I have way to much time on my hands

B) Bish has a chest beard

C) Most importantly, we hopefully all learned not to take ourselves to seriously. At the end of the day, it was just five more WODs to add to all the other ones we’re going to do this year. Some persevered through sickness and injury. Some put themselves out there without having a clue what they were getting into. We pushed ourselves to our limits and found out what our weakness’s and strengths were. We cheered, we laughed, we reveled in others accomplishments regardless of skill level. We showed that we are a community, we are athletes, and we are awesome.

Great job everyone, train hard, and we’ll see you next year on the leaderboard.










Thursday Classes

There will be no class at noon. I’m still snowed in … no road plows been through here yet.

Still planning to be there for the evening class at 5:00 at Enman providing we can get there. Check back on the site.


Week Four Recap

Well I must admit, I would have lost a lot of money if you would have bet me that you would ever see a rower in the Open. I think it was a nice change and it’s great to see that there’s always the possibility of something new on the horizon. My opinion of the WOD as a whole? 14.4 = Yeah, yeah, I’m a little weird that way.

Top three women’s scores for the week:

  1. Kelly G and CPayne – 164 reps
  2. Corena – 153 reps
  3. Leanne – 152 reps

Top three mens scores for the week:

  1. Nigel – 200 reps (all that work and you couldn’t muster out 1 measly extra calorie?)
  2. Mike C – 191 reps
  3. Bish – 190 reps

Far to many names to point out this week as there was one large underlying thing that stood out to me. Let me first preface this by saying I like Toes to Bar. They came naturally to me and I am respectfully decent at them. I know for many people this is not the case and just being able to string reps together is a challenge. So to everyone who gave this WOD a go and has a tough time with T2B, I salute you on a job well done. To suffer through a set of 50 only capable of doing one or two reps at a time is physically punishing and mentally exhausting.

In a previous post I noted that some of our Masters Athletes were kicking a$$ and that some might qualify for the next level of competition in April. Two have put themselves in position to take a serious run heading into the final week of the Open to make the top 200.  Carol Craswell is currently sitting in the 48th position worldwide in her group while Mike Ives is 93rd in his. We will all be routing for you and be proud no matter what happens. That being said, we expect both of you to sell out this week and leave nothing in the tank.

Well, here we are. One more to go. As usual by this point, even though it’s been a blast, I’m ready to get it all over with and get back to some normal weeks of training. The general consensus is that we will be doing some combination of Thrusters and Burpees this week. I’m inclined to agree as we have seen both of these movements every year. Lets assume this is the couplet were going to do baring another rowing type surprise. What time domain, weight, type of burpees do you think it will be?, or do you think it will be something else entirely? Maybe double Kettlebell Thrusters instead of with a barbell?  Here’s my guess:

10 minute AMRAP

15 Bar Facing Burpees
20 Thrusters @ 95/65#
15 Bar Facing Burpees
20 Thrusters @ 135/85#
15 Bar Facing Burpees
20 Thrusters @ 165/115#
15 Bar Facing Burpees
AMRAP Thrusters @ 205/135#

What? Not an fan? Well remember, it could be just burpees!

burpees meme





Week Three Recap

How to describe 14.3? What about…..Not heavy, to moderately heavy, to heavy, to uh oh, to are you f$@/ing kidding me. With some step aerobics sprinkled in.

Looks like the older fellas were at it for the men again:

1) Bish – 139 reps

2) Mike C – 132 reps

3) Mike I – 131 reps

Top ladies:

1) C Payne – 135

2) Carol – 129 *

3) Charla – 126

* I would like to note here that when I check each week for the top three men’s and women’s scores I just check who contributed to our team score. I forgot when doing this that scores from Masters Athletes over 55 don’t count towards team scores due to changes in weight and modification of movements. I understand the reason for this in the grand scheme of the Games. But as far as my ridiculously long winded weekly rant goes, CF PEI’s top three should include everyone’s score. So what I’m actually trying to say is that for last weeks top three women I failed to include the actual top score, which was Carol with 87 reps! Sorry Carol, it won’t happen again. Your scores are always relevant as I’m pretty sure you are, and always will be, A Badass.

Anytime you let the weights get heavy, there’s bound to be some standout moments. I saw many people walk over and ring the PR Bell after this one.

Greg Arsenault (probably like 4 times his body weight)

Hanna Ives

Katrina (700lbs + of total PR, that almost weighs as much as Bish)

Charlotte J

I’m sure there was some others that I can’t recall, so if you hit a PR post to comments. The amazing thing about theses Deadlift PR’s is that they came in a fatigued state and happened multiple times. It’s remarkable what competition can bring out in people. Although not PR’s, I want to say congrats to Charla, who may not normally put up a top score but really brought the heat this week. Also, Cheryl, frustrated by injury and not always the most Gymnasty, reminded us what she can do with a heavy barbell in her hands.

Looking back, 14.3 may actually have been my favorite Open WOD of all of the years. Now if only one of the last two could be Clean & Jerks, Toes to Bar, Muscleups and Burpees, then 14.3 will be my second favorite.

What ever it is everyone has been doing?, keep doing it. The first 3 weeks have been electric.

Week Two Recap

What can we say about 14.2? If you struggle with either of the two movements, it got sucky. If you were proficient with both movements, it got sucky. I’m no expert, but if I was looking for a pattern in this one I’d say that no matter whom you are, IT GOT SUCKY.

The top three male scores were:

  1. Nigelicious – 143 reps (was ¾ of a rep away from the round of 16’s)
  2. Bish/Mike I – 136 reps
  3. Mike C – 130 reps

The top three female scores were:

  1. Kelly G – 75 reps
  2. Corena – 67 reps
  3. Anne I – 62 reps

I wasn’t around to see a lot of people do this one, but there were two performances that caught my attention. Katrina did not post a score that would grab most people’s attention. Unless you realized that every rep was an OH Squat PR coupled with a whole lot of almost PR’s as she continued to try and grind out every possible rep for 3 minutes. It’s my understanding that Angela Smith had not done a C2B Pullup before this WOD and proceeded to rip off 13. Awesome job ladies.  Seeing as both of these movements can drive people nuts, I will assume there were some other people who conquered a demon or two, so great job to you as well and feel free to post any achievements to comments.

What’s left?

Tradition would tell us that unless a new movement is introduced this year we can expect to see the remaining 3 WOD’s made up from:

  • Deadlifts
  • HR Pushups
  • Box Jumps
  • Clean & Jerks or Squat Clean & Jerks
  • Burpees (Bar-Facing, Lateral Barbell, Hand Release, 6” Target)
  • Muscleups
  • Toes to Bar
  • Wall Balls
  • Thrusters
  • Push Press or Shoulder to Over Head
  • Something New?

With three to go and basically 10 possible movements, there is a very good chance we will not see all of the above listed movements as that would probably mean 3 triplets and one quad (which there has never been).  Which one(s) will take a year off?  C&J’s, Burpees, Muscleups, T2B, Wall Balls, Thrusters and Box Jumps have been involved every year and HR Pushups have only shown up once.  All I know for sure is that if they would get rid of the Box Jumps I don’t care what else the put in. My only prediction that I’m staying true to is that there will be some type of ascending C&J ladder similar to the snatch ones in previous years (12.2 and 13.1).

Silver Fox Club Masters Watch

I like stats and I spend entirely too much time checking leaderboards. One of the intriguing new changes to the competition season this year is the new second round for Masters Athletes.  For those who are new, in past years the top 20 men and women in each age division after the Open were invited directly to the CrossFit Games (re: Carol Craswell 2012). They did not have to compete at a regional competition. This year there is a new Master s qualifier. Following the Open, the top 200 Masters athletes in each age division will be invited to perform four additional workouts. The additional workouts will be released on Thursday, April 17 at 5 p.m. PT. Masters will have until Monday, April 21 at 5 p.m. PT, to submit their scores or video submissions from these workouts. Masters athletes will have five scores tabulated in order to determine their ranking in this competition: four scores from the additional workouts and one score based on their finish in the Open. The top 20 Masters athletes in each division will then be invited to compete in the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games.

After two weeks we have some legit contenders putting themselves in a position to make the top 200.

Sitting Pretty:

  • Mike Ives (45-49) – 103rd
  • Carol Craswell (60+) – 42nd

In contention:

  • Allan Callard (60+) – 307th
  • Anne Ives (45-49) – 438th
  • Corena Hughes (45-49) – 365th
  • Dave Hyndman (45-49) – 489th
  • Greg Anthony (45-49) – 388th

One to two hundred spots may seem like a lot, but with three WODs to go there is still a lot of movement to be made on the leaderboard. Every rep in every WOD from this point on could be the deciding factor. Push hard, everyone will be routing for all of you.

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