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Enman Schedule

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that the existing classes at Enman will remain along with some new ones. None of the classes will require a signup.

Weekdays: there will be a 6:00 am, noon, 5:00 pm class everyday. There will also be 6:00 pm classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Teens class shift ahead one hour to Monday at 4:00.

Saturday: classes will continue as normal with 7:30 am, 8:30 am, 9:15 Teens and 10:00 am.

Sunday: classes will be 8:30 am and 11:30 am with comp group in between at 9:30.

I would like to thank you all for your support over the last week and look forward to working with you further.

Thank you for being part of our community.


CrossFit As Usual

As some of you have heard over the past week, there is a new CrossFit gym opening up and Dave will be moving there.

I will be continuing to run CrossFit classes at Enman offering classes at 6:00 am, 12:00 noon and 4:00/5:00/6:00 through the week with a full set of classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings (including Oly and Comp classes). We are also going to be adding some Open Gym times as well to the schedule.

Dave and I are sorting out what will happen with the Pownal classes and will let you know as soon as possible (i.e. in the next few days). This situation hit us without warning but I want you all to know that the CrossFit classes you love and the community you belong to will continue.

This has always been about being a community and not just a gym. In the past we have helped members out when they have been dealing with hardship … it’s nice to see how that comes back when you encounter your own hardship.

For those of you who have spoken to me about this I have been overwhelmed with the support and I thank you for continuing to be our members.

For those who are just learning about this, please let me know if you have any questions. I promise all of you that you will continue to get the excellent fitness instruction you have had in the past.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Keep Calm and CrossFit On …


A New CrossFit in Charlottetown

As I am sure you have heard, a group of our membership has decided to open a new crossfit gym, Crossfit Charlottetown.

This group comprised of Cheryl, Steve, Tracy, Mary Lynn, Greg Anthony and Mike C. shared with Mike and I their decision and we were extended an opportunity to join them. After discussing their vision and plan, I decided to be part of this new adventure.

In early August, we expect that Crossfit Charlottetown will be up and running and I (Dave) will be working with them.

All classes remain the same until early August.

The CrossFit Charlottetown folks and myself wish Mike all the best.

Upcoming Competitions

The Hopper is coming up this weekend with Battle of the North late in August.

In addition to the Olympic Lifting comp on September 13th, there are two more CrossFit comps in Moncton that month: CrossFit Dieppe’s D-Town ThrowDown on September 6th and Maritime CrossFit’s The Suffering on September 20th.

Here is an update from Mark Bellefleur at CrossFit Dieppe:

The 2nd annual D-Town Throwdown will be an indoor/outdoor event. This year the event will be held at the Dieppe Centennial Arena with a spacious warm-up area, WOD area along with a vendor/sponsor area.

It will be an epic event bigger and better than last year with all the awesome sponsors and prizes! Each team is guaranteed 3 workouts and a t-shirt and much more, with the top 6 teams from the Rx, Scale and Masters Divisions competing in a 4th WOD for D-Town Supremacy. Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 Teams of each division.

Reminder to all, one week left to register for the competition in order to secure your shirt size! Once we hit 50 teams, we will hold a special draw among the teams that have registered, for a prize that will be given to all 4 lucky members. The first 35 teams will be in the draw for the free registration.

Keep registering! REGISTRATION LINK:

Registration Update:

Rx Division
1 Feisty Bitches – Crossfit Saint John
2 As Long As It’s Not Thrusters & Burpees – CFPEI/Kinetics
3 Blended, not stirred. – Blended Athletics
4 Snatch Cleaners – Crossfit YQM
5 Beauties and the Beasts – CrossFit YQM
6 2 Jerks with a Couple Dumbells – Crossfit Kinetics
7 CrossFit Hoes and Joes – CrossFit Pound
8 FredOCatZa on the Loose – CrossFit Xclusive
9 Box Rockers – CrossFit Summerside
10 Chalk Monsters – CFK Burnside
11 2 Fit 2 Quit – CrossFit Response

Scaled Division
1 Brew Crew – Maritime Crossfit
2 AMRAPounders – CrossFit Pound
3 The FRANtastic Four – Crossfit Quispamsis
4 Bad Habits – Crossfit Quispamsis
5 Pull Up or Pull Out – Crossfit YQM
6 Competition Virgins – Crossfit YQM
7 Balls N Dolls – Maritime Crossfit
8 Peaches and Creatine – YQM
9 WODBusters – CrossFit YQM / CrossFit Dieppe
10 Lion, Cougars and Cub – CrossFit Pound
11 Inferior Four – CrossFit PEI
12 Kip It Real – Crossfit Pound
13 PANDA – Crossfit PerArdua
14 To Hali and Back – Crossfit Halifax
15 3 Masters and Their Minion – CrossFit PEI
16 Jerks and Snatches – CrossFit Pound
17 If you like my rack,you should see my snatch-YQM/Dieppe/MCF
18 Acadian-Asian Connection – Maritime CrossFit
19 Skilled In Every Position – Maritime Crossfit
20 Bros and Hoes – Crossfit YQM
21 Pound MOFOS – CrossFit Pound
22 Filthy 4 – CrossFit Quispamsis
23 Made of steel – CrossFit Made of Steel
24 Balls to the Wall – CrossFit Biometrics
25 The Hung and the Chestless – CrossFit Summerside
26 Clean Shaven – Fundy CrossFit
27 Bearded Snatchers – Fundy CrossFit
28 Mighty Morphin Power Lifters – CrossFit YQM / CrossFit Moncton

Masters Division
1 CFD Masters – Crossfit Dieppe
2 Grand Masters Of Funk – CrossFit Pound

1. CrossFit YQM = 9 Teams
2. CrossFit Pound = 7 Teams
3. Maritime CrossFit = 4 Teams
4. CrossFit Quispamsis = 3 Teams
5. CrossFit PEI = 3 Teams
6. Fundy CrossFit = 2 Teams
6. Crossfit Summerside = 2 Teams
7. Blended Athletics = 1 Team
7. Crossfit Biometrics = 1 Team
7. Crossfit Dieppe = 1 Team
7. Crossfit Halifax = 1 Team
7. Crossfit Kinetics = 1 Team
7. CrossFit Made of Steel = 1 Team
7. Crossfit PerArdua = 1 Team
7. Crossfit Saint John = 1 Team
7. Crossfit Xclusive = 1 Team
7. CFK Burnside = 1 Team
7. CrossFit Response = 1 Team

Some boxes have 1 team registered but from our competition last year, we know that you have many more competitors! Lets get to it and come claim the title! Great prizes, excellent venue and vendor village! Keep em coming!
2014 D-Town Throwdown

Maritime Weightlifting Open

Event Details:

1st Annual Martime Weightlifting Open.

Entry deadline August 23rd.

Late entries not excepted.

Hosted by Crossfit Moncton through the New Brunswick Weightlifting Association.


The latest IWF rules will govern the competition.
Athletes, Coaches, Officials must be members in Good Standing with NBWA or their provincial body.

Registration Link

Time change. Joey’s Tuesday evening class

Hi folks, just a heads up that my Tuesday evening class has change from 6:00 to 5:30 for the next few weeks. The schedule is updated to reflect this, Monday’s time remains the same.

Week of July 14, 2014

Mon: Multi-modal WOD
Tues: Squats + WOD
Wed: am – Running Endurance, lunch-WOD Class, pm – Olympic Class
Thurs: Squats + OTM Skill
Fri: Olympic Bench Mark
Sat: Squats + WOD

THE SUFFERING – September 20th

Maritime CrossFit is hosting their first competition THE SUFFERING on Sept 20 at our Box! All the details and registration links for Athletes, Judges, and Volunteers are on this link:

Here is a note from John, Jer and Jeff about the comp … I know of a number of people already planning to go, should be a lot of fun:

Details for partner detail entry is really quite simple and the instructions and special notes are on this link!!! Pumped to see everyone and hope to see a nice representation from your Box! We are capping it at 50 teams and its filling up!! We are hoping see at least a few teams from each Box! Thanks again!
John, Jer, and Jeff

Week of July 7, 2014

Mon: BS and multi-modal WOD
Tues: Barbell strength and OTM skill
Wed: FS, AM class Running Endurance, lunch regular WOD class, PM Olympic class
Thurs: WOD and barbell strength
Fri: BS and multi.mod WOD
Sat: 7:30 regular WOD, 8:30 Olympic style class, 10:00 regular WOD
Sun: 8:30 regular WOD, 9:45 Olympic class sign-up only

Chris and Amber farewell

As many of you now know, Chris and Amber MacDonald will be leaving us soon for the west coast.

Before we let them drive off, we thought it appropriate to have a little CFPEI send off for them.

Mary Lynn and Greg have graciously offered up to host this Thursday evening, July 3 at 7:30 pm. Address to be posted at the gym.

Tracy and Bish have volunteered to do a collection of sorts for a cross country care package.

Come on by and RSVP to comments.

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