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Weekend Schedule Changes

Hey everyone,

We are going to still have classes on Friday one at 9:00 and another at 10:00. These classes will be at Enman.

Saturday all classes will be at Pownal since there is a Taekwondo tournament going on that day at Enman. The class times are the same (7:30, 8:30 and 10:00 with Teens at 9:15). There will also be a Fundamentals group starting at 11:00. Please sign up using the online schedule for the class times that fit you best.

Sunday noon will be going as normal as will the Monday classes.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks in advance for your understanding.


  1. Just noticed the June 14th WOD for Wishes. The exercises are a bit more my speed than some of the (hem skipping… hem swimming) ones at the fling.

    Barbell Movements:
    Front Squats 95/65
    Overhead Squats 75/55
    Cleans & Power Cleans ( plus hang) up to 135/95
    Snatch & Power Snatch (plus hang) up to 75/55
    Push Press & Push Jerk up to 95/65
    Overhead Barbell lunges up to 95/65
    Deadlifts up to 185/125

    Body weight movements:
    Hand release Pushups
    Box Jumps

    External objects:
    Kettlebell swings 53/35
    Goblet squats up to 53/35
    1 Arm Kettlebell snatches up to 53/35
    1 Arm OH lunges up to 53/35
    Overhead plate lunges 45/35

  2. So classes are on for 9 and 10 tomorrow at enman?

  3. Pretty much everything’s booked for Saturday morning at Pownal.

    Doing anything different to accommodate more than usual or is this just limited to the first 12 for each slot?

    Thanks, DAVE

  4. Dave sorry, just seeing this now…woulda made room for you no prob. I can give you a double dose tomorrow if you like;)

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