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Calling all CFPEI gals…tank top ordering for time:)

Hi Ladies

We are rushing to put in a tank top order today and are trying to get a feel of how many to order and sizes. Many of you have replied via facebook to our inquiry but if you could post to comments if you are interested and your size by noon today, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hey, we do alot for time at crossfit, why not this?:) If you have indicated your interest and size through facebook, no need to repost, we just want to be sure everyone gets a chance to see this.

Tanks will be black with the CFPEI logo in grey and red with a racer back. Final price being determined but somewhere between $20 and no more than $25.

please post asap as we hope to get the order in today

thanks ladies! 3-2-1-go!

  1. Assuming they are relatively true to size I will have a small. I’ll take another small for my mom as well! Thanks Cheryl!

  2. Thank Tracy…she has done ALL of the leg work:)

  3. Hi! I’ll take an x-small if they come in that size…if not, small is good. Thanks Tracy!

  4. XS (or S is there is no XS)

  5. Hannah and I will take a small each. (I put medium, but now I’m rethinking that!)

  6. Thinking I should get a small not an Xsmall… if it’s not too late!
    Thank you!!!! : )

  7. I will take a size medium.


  8. I will take a medium. Hopefully it is not too late. Thanks.

  9. If it’s not too late, I will take one medium and one large. Thanks!

  10. Hey! Just for the ladies?

  11. You realize we ladies are demanding a wod performed by you Rob in one of these tank tops now:). I will search for a matching headband and socks!

  12. Hi ladies

    tanks are in and will be available from me or tracy starting tomorrow for those who preordered…cost is $25, all in. Please have correct change if at all possible as I never have cash for change:)

    A very limited number of extras were ordered and may be available by weeks end after everyone has picked up and paid for those ordered. Will keep you posted.

    thanks…they are very nice…we broke them in over the weekend at the Spring Fling…loose thin fabric which is excellent to workout in!


  13. Hi Tracy, will you be at Pownal tomorrow at noon? I’ll be there for the 12:15 class and can pay you then if you’re there.
    Thanks! Kelly A.

  14. Kelly – I will check with Steve, he may be going to that class. If not, I may be able to pop in on my lunch break.

  15. Tracy, would you be open to an email money transfer?? If so, please let me know your preferred email address. If not, I’ll likely run into you Sat am.

  16. i could also pick mine up/pay for mine at the noon class today if you will be there tracy!!

  17. I will drop by Pownal today at lunch with some shirts. Cash is best, have had a couple of cheques (make them out to CrossFit PEI)…exact change is much appreciated!

  18. awesome!!! thank you so much : )

  19. If anyone is around tonight @ Pownal, I’ll have my $25!

  20. Hi ladies…reminder…the tanks are available for pick up at Enman at a cost of $25. Tracy and I will be around most everyday so check in with one of us to get yours. If you cant make it to Enman, post a note and we can make other arrangements.

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