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Final Recap

What WOD do you hate so much that you would actually pick 14.5 over it if given a choice between the two of them? I would like to know because that would be one WOD I would never attempt! I actually thought this was worse than Murph. If you’ve ever done Murph Rx’d you know how bad that makes 14.5. All that being said, I really liked the task oriented WOD for a change instead of another AMRAP. Between that and the Rower last week it really opens up the possibilities for next year. Sadly enough, this one had all the makings of a repeat in the coming years. Yuck. I bet this one set the record on least amount of 2nd attempts. Hmmm, I wonder if Fran will seem easy now? And just to make sure, did anyone actually enjoy this one?


Top Three Male Scores:

  1. Mike C – 14:20 (faster and older than Kevin and Nigel)
  2. Bish – 14:42 (faster and older than Kevin and Nigel)
  3. Greg An – 16:14 (faster and older than Kevin and Nigel)

Top Three Female Scores:

  1. Corena – 15:06 (faster and older than Kevin and Nigel)
  2. Kelly G – 15:21 (faster and older than Kevin and Nigel)
  3. Leanne – 17:02 (faster than Nigel, Yay Kevin)

I heard there were some inspirational performances on this one. I was told Robert and Beth really slugged it out with some great coaching from Cheryl. Someone forgot to tell Corena that the Burpees are supposed to be the part that slow you down. Not wanting to see Slow Joey play with by himself, MLK jumped in on a whim and did it with him Thursday night during the release show and put up what “would have been” the fastest female time in the gym, “if she would have signed up” (see what I did there, peer pressure). To anyone who was in the 30 minute plus club, to you I say pat yourself on the back. Honestly, to do those two movements for that long and not quit is a testament to your will power. Lastly it was impressive to see Mike I , knowing a shot to advance to the  next round of Masters was on the line, hit this a second time in less than 48hrs and get the job done.

On that note, congratulations to both Mike I and Carol on finishing in the top 200 worldwide in their respective age divisions and advancing to the next round. If they accept, they will be given 4 more WODs to do between April 17th-21st in an attempt to finish in the 20 in the world and be invited to the CrossFit Games. Carol finished 55th by putting up very consistent finishes every week. Mike dropped in at 180th and as I mentioned above, he did it in dramatic fashion on his re-attempt at 14.5 on Sunday. Everyone loves a buzzer beater. Technically, the standings aren’t final for another 24 hours, but I’m confidant that their won’t be any drastic moves before then and neither of their scores have moved in the last 24 hours anyways (yes I know, I leaderboard to much). Great job and good luck to both of you.

Now I get to geek out.

I like to play with the leaderboards to put things in perspective. I know I’m never going to be on the first page of my regional leaderboard, let alone the worldwide one. So what I like to do is make the world a little smaller and make realistic comparisons to measure myself against people not named Rich Froning. So in an attempt to give a shout out to as many people as I can, here we go:

The 2014 CrossFit Open

Crossfit PEI only:

Top five Men -

  1. Steven Bishop
  2. Michael Chaloner
  3. Nigel MacDonald
  4. Mike Ives
  5. Greg Anthony

Top five Women -

  1. Kelly Gillis
  2. Corena Hughes
  3. Cheryl Paynter
  4. Leanne Callahan
  5. Carol Craswell & Charla Currie (Tie)

Top ten Mixed -

  1. Steven Bishop
  2. Michael Chaloner
  3. Nigel MacDonald
  4. Mike Ives
  5. Greg Anthony
  6. Kevin Douillette
  7. Kelly Gillis
  8. Joseph Mokler
  9. Rob Lantz
  10. Dave Hyndman

* I put this in for a specific reason. If this was Sesame  Street we’d say one of these things doesn’t belong here. I’ve playfully teased the 20 something boys to catch the 38 plus men over the last 5 weeks. Now I’m challenging all the ladies to add some names or top the list for 2015 (and no you can’t fly Megan home for the Open).

Province of PEI only:

Top five Men:

  1. Steven Bishop
  2. Jeff MacRae (CFSS)
  3. James Tremere (Court 6 CF)
  4. Michael Chaloner
  5. Todd MacDougall (CFSS)

Top five Women:

  1. Lacey Doiron (CFSS)
  2. Kim Perry (CFSS)
  3. Anne MacLaurin (CFSS)
  4. Kelly Gillis & Amy Connolly (CFSS)
  5. Sara McKenna (CFSS)

Top ten Mixed:

  1. Steven Bishop
  2. James Tremere & Lacey Doiron
  3. Jeff MacRae
  4. Kim Perry
  5. Michael Chaloner
  6. Todd MacDougall
  7. Anne MacLaurin
  8. Nigel MacDonald & Marcel Petitpas (C6CF)
  9. Mike Ives
  10. Greg Anthony

So what have we learned over the past five weeks?

A) I have way to much time on my hands

B) Bish has a chest beard

C) Most importantly, we hopefully all learned not to take ourselves to seriously. At the end of the day, it was just five more WODs to add to all the other ones we’re going to do this year. Some persevered through sickness and injury. Some put themselves out there without having a clue what they were getting into. We pushed ourselves to our limits and found out what our weakness’s and strengths were. We cheered, we laughed, we reveled in others accomplishments regardless of skill level. We showed that we are a community, we are athletes, and we are awesome.

Great job everyone, train hard, and we’ll see you next year on the leaderboard.










  1. Great write up! Seems you have a little too much free time on these storm days.

    Thanks to all those who judged and made things possible.

    Congrats to Mike and Carol.

  2. Actually Leanne did it at kinetics on Monday and got 16:46 with a break to out on wrist wraps and after doing Annie… She didn’t want an official judge though.

  3. Thanks for all the posts Mike C. I liked reading your analysis ya big stats geek.

    Congrats being top dog in the gym Bish! And congrats to everyone who participated it was lots of fun.

  4. Everyone did an awesome job with the open this year! The judges were great and there was lots of encouragement for everyone to do their best. I know most of my scores can be credited to some exemplary coaching/judging. Mike, it was awesome seeing the recap every week. It was very much appreciated.

    On a side note… if anyone would like to be my partner for the spring fling we only have two days to register. I promise I’ll try hard :).

  5. Just wanted to chime in my love of Mike’s updates. This was my second open, and just as much a growing experience as last time. I think any time you get to share time with people when they are looking deep inside themselves to see what’s there, you get closer to them and start seeing yourself in new ways as well. The games reminds me of the best of what sports were like for me as a teenager, with less of the angst :).

    My highlights are little bright moments of energy and insight.

    Watching Rob (Mackinnon) do his last two rounds of 14.5 was pretty awesome… watching the people watching him though, that was the real magic. If 10 people could have lifted another human across a bar and picked him off the ground, it would have happened right there.

    Listening to Mike Chaloner talk about how for him the way he finishes a workout is more important to him than his time.

    Watching Charla go up to the pull up bar over and over again pretty much convinced from the start that her one pullup was all she was going to get. And then getting back on the bar. Again. And again.

    Talking to Bish and hearing him say “man, that 135lb (clean) felt way heavier than I thought it would”.

    Watching Whitty come in and get people ready week after week on the bum knee, knowing he wasn’t going to get to go this year

    Generally… watching people stop and look at their hands, shrug their shoulders, and grab a bar

    Adam’s 20 PRs on 14.3 on the deadlift

    The look on Cheryl’s face before and after she did 14.4 the second time

    Ange’s 13 pullups

    Corena’s relentless 14.5

    And those are just some of the few i saw…

    Good times. Good learning.


  6. Ahh the moments… there be so many.

    Being my second open, I had higher hopes. Then injury struck in January and I took about a month off then slowly rehabbed back in. I went in even more under-conditioned than normal and not able to comfortably do most of the movements.

    DUs that were just found, had drifted away, snatch width grip was not possible when I needed it, everything felt heavy, nothing felt comfortable, doing 14.5 was a disasterpiece, the whole open was much more of a struggle than I wanted it to be.

    However doing 14.2 twice in a 15 minute window and more than doubling my score was one of the brief moments of personal win.

    For me, like DaveC said, I enjoyed everyone else this open and getting to judge was fun too. Many memories and images.

    Corena, Corena… you are the greatest cheer leader ever and a great laugh. Maybe this year I’ll see ya more than just during the open and the 12 days of xmas.

    Ang ripping her shoes and socks off while swearing after all those deads and box jumps was classic.

    Poor Tracy on the ground showing us the bloody mess than used to be her hands.

    Kent, running blood.

    DW’s 1 1/4 legged snatches.

    Charla deadlifting through EVERYTHING.

    Robert rocking his first open.

    Mike and Kevin in the snow.

    Katrina being in a similar boat as I was last year, just dripping with PRs.

    Good stuff, here’s to next year and likely hearing Castro utter something foolish like 15.1 is 14.5


  7. Great write ups and recaps Mike. Hilarious actually.

    Congratulations to everyone who competed, participated and otherwise contributed to the great gym atmosphere by judging, cheering,organizing and writing witty weekly recaps.

    My reflection on this year’s open is a tad different than in years past. Little disappointed on how far I fell in the standings in the last wod, but fighting an injury makes you thankful to be able to do participate at all. I’ve learned to pout less and be thankful for what I can do more;) Recovering from a tradegy makes me thankful to have something as positive as Crossfit in my life and great people to share it with.
    …oh, and I really need to work on about 100 things…topping the list are toes to bar, chest to bar pullups, and generally everything gymnasty:)
    The Open is Closed.
    Now we turn our attention on cheering for Carol and Mike as they move on through the next stage of workouts.

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