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Friday, February 28, 2014

Mornin’ y’all! Not usually a morning person but I’ve caught the buzz from the morning crew. I’ll be covering the Friday class now… let’s see how long and I can keep up the positive attitude for the day. Any bets?

Today’s work is:

5 x 3 Push press

4 rounds
10 wall ball shots
5 Single arm swings (per arm)
8 Ring rows
6 Ring dips

I’ll post times later. Let’s chat about the open! Any good strategies out there or are you just going to grind through?

Protip: Make sure your shoes laces are secure. If they come undone it will cost you time.


  1. I think if you are capable of at least getting through 2 rounds unbroken without too much discomfort that would be the way to start then break up the snatchs 8/7 or 5/5/5. I would imagine that it wouldn’t be a good idea to start out muscle snatching…get under the bar Aaron get under the bar.

  2. Strategy? PACE PACE PACE

    Them snatches be light. Don’t let yourself red line with 3 minutes left

  3. Will there be open judges for the 6 o clock class still?

  4. Oh snap! You can floor to overhead any style.

  5. I tape my shoes with about 2 inches of tape for wods like this one. It helps a lot.

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