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14.1 Notice of Intent

As of this writing, there is 39 people signed up for the Open on the CFPEI team. Remember that the Friday 5:00pm classes will be regular CFPEI programing and the 6:00pm will be the Open WOD for that particular week. Saturday’s programing will be the Open WOD for the entire gym. It would be nice to have an idea on the numbers for when people intend to throw down so we can make sure there are some judges available.

Post to comments when you intend to do the WOD and need a judge. If you have judged in the past or have taken the online judges course, you could also post when you intend to be available. If your not signed up you don’t need a judge and don’t need to respond, you just count your own reps.

Remember, of you think you have what it takes to make it to regionals, you need to video tape each WOD and must use a registered judge.

  1. I will be taking part in open 14.1 tomorrow at the 10am class and need a judge…a nice judge.

  2. I plan on doing 14.1 during the 10am class time frame.

    Also I’ll be in for a little while on Sat morning, I’ll come in early to cheer and judge(I took the course) if needed for the 8:30 people.

    • Not sure if anyone is shooting for regionals, but I think will have a camera and tripod with me on Sat.

      I got fit challenged by the boss at work. Might as well show him up with 10 minutes of hot sick crossfit mess. We’ll see.

  3. I will be doing 14.1 Saturday morning at 8:30 and would like a judge.

  4. Not having punished myself enough, i’m going again on Saturday. Can also judge. going for 8:30

  5. I’ll also be giving it a go 8:30 Saturday.

  6. Going at 8:30 and can also judge at 10 as well!

  7. 14.1 at 6pm tonight, will need a judge please :)

  8. plan to go for 730

  9. I am signed up for 8:30 and would like a judge ..thanks

  10. Signed up for 8:30 tomorrow and would like a judge

  11. Hi Mike

    I have signed up for the 730 class and also the open


  12. I’m signed up for 10. I’ll be there as early as I can (probably not 730) to judge.

  13. I plan to go in to help judge at 8:30. Will likely stay to help judge at 10 as well. I will get at 14.1 myself while the getting is good.

  14. I plan to go at 8:30 and need a judge. Thanks!

  15. Sheri 0 will do 730. I will bring my own judge :)

    Pam w. You better be signed up !!!!!

  16. I’m signed up for the 10 class. Will need a judge. I’ll also be there earlier (probably not the 730 class) to judge.

  17. I’m available to judge at the 830 class

  18. 8:30am for me. I’ll take one of the nice judges.

  19. can anyone judge Jason at Sunday’s noon class? He was in Toronto all week…

  20. Mike C, well done on the Open posts. I nominate you as Director of Communications.

  21. Just a reminder to any first timers. Even with the fancy score sheets you are responsible for logging your own scores at before 9pm tonight.

    Good to have them in early so the guys have time to validate them.

  22. Don’t forget to get your scores in today for 14.1. They have to be in by 5 p.m. Pacific time.

    Shame to have done all that work and then not have it count!

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