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Testing-Part 1 “Fran”

We’ve finished the 13 week Hatch Squat program and folks have seen some big improvements in lots of different things from their Front Squat and Back Squat (obviously), to their clean, press for some others lifts too (post yours to comments).

The reasoning for doing Hatch was that based on some testing in the summer. The gym was in general weaker in the clean, in the receiving position. Folks’ Power Clean was in general greater than folks’ Clean (read Squat Clean).

Now to clarify 1 thing at this point, NOT EVERYONE SHOULD BE EVEN TRYING TO CLEAN (read Squat Clean)! If you don’t have the flexibility to receive the bar with high elbows in the bottom of a front squat, or the strength to catch it there (i.e.. your Front squat is great than your power clean), then you should not be trying to catch it there!

‘Fran’ is the 1st part of this wave of testing. You’ll see her again (sorry Mark you can’t dump her that easily), as we see if you can change your best time by either 1) improving your squat 2) improving your overhead poistion and technical parts of Thruster and pull-ups 3) is it your engine that is limiting you.

If it was ’1′, it hopefully improved. If it’s ’2′ hopefully the next 2 months of training will improve it. Their will be some Technical, sign-up sessions commencing soon. These Workshop style classes will only be held Downtown and class size will be limited.

You’ll see a couple more TEST DAYS over the next 2 weeks as we enter our next phase of training. We’ve finished laying down some general strength (especially squatting capacity), next is a Technical Phase.

  1. This guy needs a 13 week press program, I’m all legs and hips.

    Complaining aside, I just checked my logs and my clean raised by 60# since my August PR before the cycle started.

  2. No change on the clean for me, but I’m pretty sure that’s a technique issue. My cleans are not clean.

  3. The squat work absolutely helped my receiving position and drive out of the hole. My best clean before hatch was 205 and that went up to 245 as of Saturday.

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