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New Friday Night Class Times

We are going to try adding two classes to the Friday night schedule. Instead of a 5:30 class, there will now be a 5:00 and a 6:00 class.

To effectively balance the load we have set it up as a “sign up” class. If one fills up and you really can’t make the other just send me an email to let me know.

We have set it up for the next three weeks to see how it works … as such, please let us know what you think.



  1. Great move Mike. Things are getting pretty congested at some classes on Inman. I think something that should also be looked at is the time(s) at which private lifting and training occurs. When numbers are high at class and four or five people are doing other things in that space at the same time, there just isn’t room.

    • While that may be true, if there is something that you want to work on the only time to do it is when the gym is open and there is a trainer present. There are very few opportunities to spend extra time on a skill after a class. The trainer may want to leave to have a life elsewhere or there may be another CrossFit or Taekwondo class scheduled directly after.

      Sometimes trying to find a space in the corner to work out during a regular class time is the only option.

  2. So these will be sign ups @ Inman?

    On a side note, more evening options would be great. Hoping for a 7pm or later mobility class sometime. Hint hint!

  3. woohoo! I think this is a great idea

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