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Skill Transfer Exercises

You may hear the trainers referring from time to time that a movement is a Skill Transfer Exercises.

What do we mean by that?

Well simply we’re trying to have you do a movement that mimics, builds on or compliments another movement.

A Wall Ball Shot can teach someone the concept of receiving the bar in a squat clean, a ring dip is the catch position of a muscle-up, double unders can teach you to open the hips like the triple extension position in a Snatch or double under.

All of these movements can be used to transfer towards some other movement.

Or they can counter act it!

A double under down with heels coming up towards the butt, with the body leaning forward in a partial tuck position and simultaneously spinning in the circle would be transferring to one ugly Snatch.

DeadHang Pullups and Ring Dips are essential movements before focusing on a Muscle-up.

The hip opening promoted by doing cleans, snatches and kettlebell swings is the same explosive hip opening needed for a serve in tennis, jumping for a rebound in basketball, and through impact when hitting a golf ball.

If we think of the movement we do whether at the gym or elsewhere they impact each other and we can either improve the movement pattern or counteract it.

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