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Getting over the hump…

Well, we’ve made it over the half-way point. Well done! I may as well ‘fess up that while I write this post, I am also enjoying a small dish of ‘paleo ice cream’ (coconut cream + frozen blueberries + mini food processor). This is less of a treat and more simply something to do with tonight’s leftover coconut cream from dinner.

How are you feeling so far? Anyone hit a wall?
Benefits being realized? PR’s?
Issues? Challenges?
Getting enough veggies to keep things *ahem* running smoothly?
Sleeping well?
Good recipes to share?

Here you’ll find some great food inspiration:
And here you’ll find great food porn:

  1. So….am I to assume that the conversation I happened upon at thursday nights class has been corrected for everyone. Sarah alludes to it above and we need not shout it out.

    Eat a heaping serving of beet greens. As prescribed by Pam W. problem solved,,,

    As for performance at the gym, I have been dragging my behind alot last week but was feeling better today. Hope it sticks. Interested to hear from others,,,

  2. I feel like I’m staying on the wagon pretty well (…ish, sugar in my coffee) and cooking Paleo all the time trying to make it yummy for all…but meh. These last few days I’ve been tired of the effort and feel heavy. I’m not giving the scale or the measuring tape the opportunity to agree. I admit I’m a bit restless waiting to get my knee fixed up. I’ll take a new max unbroken pullup, though.

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