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Got double unders? Get challenged….September 21 clinic and 100 day challenge

This message is brought to you from our own “colorful” Kevin Douillette….hey when I play secretary, I get to pick the accompanying picture…small perk of the job…plus, Rich is showing most excellent form on the topic of this post.

Give everyone 2 guesses as to who the author of this post is:)

Kevin has kindly volunteered to conduct a double under clinic next Friday night, September 21st during class time. Pre or post wod to be determined. Next Friday will also kick off a “100 Day Double Under Challenge”. What the heck is that you ask…Below is his message and challenge to us all….

100 day double under challenge….

on day 1 you do 1 double under, day 2 you do 2 double unders, etc etc all the way to day 100 doing 100 double unders

You dont have to do the double unders unbroken. (Although like everything crossfit this is completely scalable to your level and some of us will be doing them unbroken as a challenge to ourselves (and maybe a little friendly competition).

I know some of you have some difficulty chaining them together. Hopefully you dont shy away from this challenge as remember you only have to do 1 on the first day! How hard can that be? And by the time we get to the 20th day you will have done plenty. This is a great way to practice double unders.

If you struggle with double unders or haven’t given them a honest try and focus yet, this challenge is for you. If you are stuck doing double singles, this challenge is for you. If you resemble someone frantically stomping out a campfire doing double unders, this is for you. You get the point, again, with everything crossfit, you pick what you want out of this challenge and get to work.

We will have a chart on one of the whiteboards for you to keep track of the days. There is no cost to participate other than doing your homework and some special rolling and mobility that will be also be talked about at the clinic.

We will also be taking some names at the clinic to place a group rope order at an approx cost of $25 each. Dont let not having a rope be the reason you dont participate. Plenty to go around to start and many of you will want your own rope as the volume increases.

Please post interest in the clinic and the challenge to comments along with your intended double under goal.

Hope to see you all next Friday night.

  1. am I giving mystery author away if I post first?

    I’m in for the clinic and the challenge. Goal is to do unbroken for as long as I can into the challenge and to maintain my newfound and particulary finicky on again/off again upright form. Coach DW very rightly pointed out a few months back although i was getting some frantic burst of stringing du together, my form was terrible, was particularly offensive to watch and more importantly was not usefeul as a skill transfer exerise they knees up, bent over way I was doing them.

    • You never have to sign your posts Cheryl. I can always tell it’s you.
      Sign me up for the skippy challenge.

  2. I’m in too. I need expert intervention.

  3. Expert intervention? I think divine intervention is my only hope, but I’ll be there!

  4. Sign me up too. I think the only thing that propels me into the odd unbroken streak of double unders is rage. Technique would probably be a good thing.

  5. Sounds good, sign me up please.

  6. Cheryl you have to realize that the stalking laws are in place for a reason. I’m sure that he has a mind as well as everything else that you obviously fancy….As I think the double single comment applies to numerous people including myself, on a good day, COUNT ME IN!!

  7. Sign me up!!

  8. As a survivor of a previous burpee challenge, sign me up for the double unders! Some days they are with me; other days, not so much.

    Sorry I can’t make Friday though; maybe the alternative date?

  9. Count Mary Lynn and I in. We’re in on the rope order too.

  10. I’m in :-)

  11. A year and a bit seems too long to go without coming any where near getting stringed double-unders. I’m in – for the rope as well.

  12. Sounds Great!! I can so relate to Cheryl’s comments. Great way to spend the next 100 days.

  13. Haha Kersti – I agree. The only time I actually string any amount of semi-cohesive double unders together is if I am severely angry during a WOD. Am thinking it have something to do with my awesome (read: terrible) form…arms splayed all over the place, hopping around. Count me in!

  14. Count me in too…took me a while to get double-single-double so now onto the next step!

  15. I am in! Double unders kill me every time, tired of whipping myself and jumping 5x per attempt!!!Maybe if I get them my WODs won’t be 24:00 anymore!

  16. I’m in for the challenge and the rope order too. Need help with skipping with the shorter ropes. Probably a form issue.

  17. Hey folks, there will a sheet up on the whiteboard by the changing rooms (or that general area) with everyone’s name on it along with a column for the rope order and another for the clinic. Please check if you are interested in either, that way we can make the rope order ASAP. Also I put the dates/what day we are on so it’s easier to remember how many you have to do(or make up). If I missed your name just write it in or if you’re interested later on just write your name in. If you sign up late you will have to make up the double unders you missed. Also on the 100th day hopefully we can get permission to do a WOD to finish this off with a bang. (Hint it will include 100 double unders). So consider The 99 days before, your preparation for that workout.

  18. Also I will be putting up information about the type of rope we will be ordering. But for not you can look it up.

  19. I’m in for the challenge, although most likely won’t be able to make the session on Friday. Will definitely need some deets on the rolling/mobility work to accompany this!

  20. Sign me up please for the challenge and the rope :)

  21. I’m in.

  22. Hey folks, the sheet is now at CFPEI. It will be posted on the wall tomorrow AM. Also I should have put this up earlier, with the ropes we are ordering ( Its the R1 speed rope). You have the choice of getting a long handle (6.75″) or a short one (4.5″). In the rope order box please put an S (short) or L (long) for the length of handles you want.

    Also, some people have been asking why I’m not going with the Rx Jump rope. There are some reasons for this. I’m not a huge fan as to how Rx ask you to measure. Basically you add 3 feet to your height, which I did and I still find it is too long. My hands are still way too wide and if you bring your hands closer the rope hits too far ahead of you causing more bounce. And their ropes are not adjustable so once you get it you’re stuck with that length of rope and it wont be as efficient. (Of course you could also travel down to the California at their HQ to get sized up correctly, but I don’t think people will want to do that for a rope). The good think about Rx Jump rope is that they have 5 different size of cable you can get which is much better than plastic ropes. So if you want to order a Rx Jump rope by all means go ahead. I have one if some people are interested, so just ask me and you can give it a go.

    The reason I’m going with the Jumpnrope rope is because it comes with a 10′ length rope and all you have to do is slide the clamp to your appropriate length. So its much easier to get the right length rope.

    Another option for people is to go with Buddy Lee ropes, which many people have. I also had one of these and the big downfall with this is that its a plastic rope and therefore it stretchs over time (while doing DUs) and it also doesnt go as fast. The up side to this is that it doesnt hurt as much as cable but over time and with this challenge you’ll be getting good in no time.

    Rogue also has a few different ropes and they are all cable ropes so take a look at those too. I also have one of these and if you want to try it let me know. (Side note: Stop making fun of how many ropes I have).

    Reminder to everyone that the clinic is this Friday at 5:30 ish and also the first day of the 100 Day Double Under Challenge, youpie!!

  23. Forgot something already. With Jumpnrope they have what is called speed balls, which is basically handle with a ball attached to the cable (you get two of these). This is to help with the timing to make sure both hands spin at the same time and speed. I will be getting a set but I think what I will do I will order 5 pairs and leave some at the gym for people to use.

    • I can’t make it to the clinic but I’ll take a rope please! Need to break my double-single-double habit.

  24. I’ll trust your expertise Kevin and go with the jumpnrope you are planning to order.

  25. Friday night at 5pm for the clinic!!!

  26. I’d like a rope too please but can’t make tomorrow’s clinic.

  27. Hey Kevin – put me down for a rope as well please!

  28. Hey Kevin – I ordered a rope but not sure about handle – will go with longer one if not too late to say

    LOST WORK-OUT SHOE – I forgot my shoes on Tuesday am and found just one (left foot) today (Thursday) but another left show there too – so someone out ther has two right Nike shoes! Will be back for 5:00 class Friday at supper.

  29. Hello Kevin,

    I will order a rope with a long handle please. These are faster than Buddy Lee right? I think that is what I need.

    Thank you,


  30. I’m in for the clinic…Double unders hurt me. I would like fewer whip marks and more consecutive skips. :P

  31. Hi, if it’s not too late, can I order two ropes? I won’t be able to make it today though.

  32. Apparently I am so not in the swing of things this week! I am just getting to check the website now after a crazy week :s I will check the status tonight to see if it is to late to order a rope or not?

  33. Kevin, if I can still get in on a rope count me in on the challenge.

  34. Kevin can you please order me a rope? I’m 5’9

  35. REMINDER: I WILL NOT BE ADDING NAMES TO THE LIST FOR THE ROPE ORDER. This is only because I don’t want to be the one responsible for ordering a rope for someone who changes there mind. It is your responsibility to make sure you check the box if you want a rope (you can also write in how many ropes you want ). I’m sorry if this sounds mean but I don’t want to be stuck with extra ropes for people who changed their minds. The rope order will be put through on Wednesday September 26th after the lunch hour class. I will collect the money when you receive your rope. I will let everyone know how much it will cost when they come in (it will be somewhere around $25).

  36. The ropes have arrived. The cost is $25. You don’t get your rope until I receive the money. In the package there are instructions on how to measure. I recommend going on the website. for a more detailed explanation. You can also come ask me. You will need a set of wire cutters and a flat head screw driver. I will be keeping in my gym bag if you don’t have any.
    I will be at the gym tomorrow (Saturday), Monday (15th) noon class, Wednesday (16th) noon class, Thursday (17th) evening class, Friday (19th) evening class, saturday(20th) maybe. I will also try to attend some morning classes for those of you that go in the mornings. If you still haven’t got your rope by then I will try and arrange something with some of the trainers so you get it ASAP.

    Any questions let me know. I have a list of those who ordered ropes and will check you off as I get money.

    • Kevin,

      I have been travelling all week so haven’t been around to get my rope. I am around next week but usually go in the morning. Can we arrange something?


    • Hi Kevin,

      We missed each other – I was there last Thursday evening and you Saturday morning! Can I pick it up from one of the trainers? The only night I can go is Thursday!


  37. KEVIN: DOUBLE UNDER SUCCESS in my in laws garage with the new rope!! I screamed so loud with happiness I scared the kids and dog. I am SO excited. 16 months in the making.

  38. Reminder and FYI…still a few people who have ordered ropes that haven’t picked them up from Kevin yet. As you can no doubt appeciate, Kevin ordered these on his own tab and has been holding them for some time now. He will be selling them off in a weeks time if no contact has been made.

    and, I have to ask….how goes the double under challenge out there? 32 days to go. I gave up on the consecutives on day 58 but still grinding out the required number per day. Its a grind…

  39. If someone who order a rope isn’t interested in theirs anymore. I can step up and take if off Kevin’s hands for ya.

  40. I’d gladly buy an unclaimed rope as well.

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