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30 day CFPEI Paleo Challenge!!!

easier said than done:)

So dark mornings, back to school shopping…summer vacations are quickly drawing to an end…Labor Day is the next best thing to New Year’s…If you human whatsoever, it is quite likely your eating (and drinking?) may have changed a tad over the summer season.

So….to get our collective buts in gear, CFPEI is planning a 30 day Paleo challenge to start September 1st, with details coming in the next few days.

In a nutshell, you throw $10 in a pot, get privately measured and photos taken, take on the challenge of cleaning up your diet in a supportive community of people doing the same thing, do a couple bench mark workout as prescribed by our head coach. At the end of the 30 days, we remeasure, take some more photos and reevaluate a same or similar bench mark wod. Top finishers will be determined by performance gains, committment to the challenge and inches lost (we dont do scales) As in with everything Crossfit, the magic is in the community not winning….we will have an information session, set up a forum to share tips, recipes and a place to turn to when that extra large iced cinanamon roll is calling your name:)

Look for some coming information on what the paleo diet is and how to get started…I will be at the gym for both classes on Saturday this weekend (anticipating some long weekend vacations on Labor Day) and up until Wednesday of next week to do measurements and photos and collect fee. All will be kept private and under lock and key with your registration fee!

Post your name to comments if you up for the challenge! Thus far I have
Cindy H
Pam W
Kelly L
Kelly M
Mary Lynn


  1. I guess the guinness and bbq ribs aren’t cutting it so sign me up!

  2. I’m in!!

  3. Anna and I are in!

  4. Well I have missed crossfit, more so this fine bunch of people! Mark and I took the summer off since painting our entire new house took all our time(so much for a summer!). I knew once we finally got into the house I would set myself back on track. What better way to get back than a challenge so sign me up! We finally got into the house on the weekend!!Let me know when measurement day is so I dont miss it!! I am so excited!! Looking forward to getting back and feeling great again! I am going to need the support and motivation!!

  5. I’m in. My goal, however, will be to add mass and increase strength

  6. I am in!! Twigs and berries for everyone….

  7. Ralph

    If I am missing yoy, plz post. Good memory, but very short…

  8. I will give it a try!:)

  9. Cheryl, I havent seen my name yet either? May not be due to your short memory rather then my scattered brain lately ;)

  10. If it’s not too late please add me to the list…. Way too much junk food has called my name for the past few months !!

  11. I’m on board too! Thanks for initiating the challenge.

  12. Please add me to the list

  13. Count me in for Paleo. Still on break from CrossFit, but hope to resume workouts in Oct, especially after I finish marathon number ten. I’m counting on the classic CrossFit peer support culture to help me through the dietary changes. Anyone else planning a final pasta, bread, and wine feast on Aug 31st?

  14. Please add me to the list as well!

  15. I’ll be doing a Paleo Challenge / Whole30 beginning in September. I’m new to the gym and look forward to meeting all of you.

    Any particularly helpful resources for finding great paleo fare in Charlottetown is appreciated. Eg. Farmers Market, Bulk Barn, there’s probably places that go overlooked

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